New Age Technologies puts the power of the most advanced water filtration technology in your hands. NAT’s Dolphin Water Treatment System specifically addresses the hardness and cleanliness of water. Not only does it remove the minerals that cause hardness, it also cleans the water, eliminating chlorine and chloramines to produce nothing but high quality, clean water. With a Dolphin water treatment system in your home you will not only have less pollution worries and health concerns, but you will save time and stop flushing hundreds of dollars down the drain!

You will have peace of mind knowing you have the most efficient and effective filtration system with a TRUE lifetime warranty. Unlike other companies, our lifetime warranty is complete including parts and labor! This is an unprecedented offer in the water filtration industry!!


• Lifetime Warranty
• Multi-Stage filtration
• Durable Low-Maintenance Design
• Corrosion-resistant components (both models)
• Bypass Valve Allows You the Option of Bypassing the Systems (PRO only)
• Long Lasting Tank (both models)
• Smart Electronics
• Automatically Adjusts and Calculates Water Usage, Saving on Salt or Potassium and Water Consumption


• Keeps Skin Softer, Smoother and Healthier
• Hair retains natural oils to which prevents dandruff and hair loss and gives you softer shinier and more manageable hair
• Softens Clothes and makes them cleaner and brighter
• Substantially Reduces the Amount of Soap and Detergents needed to clean saving you money
• Extends the life of Plumbing by reducing and ware and corrosion
• Better Tasting and Smelling Water
• Reduces Contaminates
• Provides clean, soft water at every tap in the house
• More efficient and long lasting water using appliances such as your water heater, washing machine, and dishwasher
• Eliminates water stains due to corrosion
• Gets rid of chemicals put in water like chloramines that are absorbed in your skin and inhaled during showering and bathing
• Save on soaps and cleaning products, on hand & body lotions, body oils and creams
• Virtually spotless dishes, windows, and cars after cleaning
• Good for dogs and cats fur coats and skin
• Fish aquariums stay cleaner and filters last longer
• Less chemicals needed to clean around us which means less chemicals going into the environment
• Cleaning is faster and requires less effort, especially when cleaning toilets, showers, shower curtains, doors, tubs, and sinks.

mother and daughter washing hands