Dolphin Air Purification System

  • Uses regular tap water to literally wash the air leaving it fresh and clean
  • This works as a deodorizer, purifier, revitalizer, aroma therapy and fragrance machine. For aromatherapy or to use as air freshener add a few drops of fragrance into water bowl and turn on to make your space smell great.
  • The Dolphin Water Revitalizing Air Cleaner will keep the air in your area clean and pleasant smelling and you will save time and money by never having to buy a filter.
  • Smoke, dust, odors, pet dander and other allergens are washed out of the air you breathe
  • This also works as an air humidifier by pushing moisture into the air and leaving the impurities behind in the water bowl to be disposed of. The best part is that this purifier does not over dispense moisture so you will never have to worry about water left behind and is safe to use in any area!
  • 6 Color Changing LEDs Shimmering light emitted into the water creates the perfect soothing night light